Monday, April 11, 2011

The Pipe Maker and the Dragon

I mentioned in my post, The Rose, of a fairy tale written by my little sister. This same sister has since started a blog with many if not all of her stories on it. The specific story of The Pipe Maker and the Dragon, is posted here,, and titled Story for Erik. I encourage everyone to read this delightful story and to look at her other stories. They are brilliant. I am sorry for having failed to post a new pipe today.

The pipe I am currently working on has taken it upon itself to thwart my attempts to form it to the designs I have intended for it. This is something I have not experienced with my other designs but it has given me much to ponder. My first attempt was to inlay silver wire. I fear I was to hasty in my procedure for creating the inlay channels and they got away from me, From there I decided to cover those mistakes by trying a new form of distressing. I was not at all satisfied with the look it gave the pipe. I am now pondering what new design I should attempt.