Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ringer Tobacco Pipe

The Ringer Tobacco Pipe was one of the most difficult and exciting pipes I have every made. I have never seen another pipe anything like this. This is perfect for the smoker who has to fiddle with things as he smokes because the ring is completely detached from the bowl just like a chain link.  The bowl and the ring were carved integrally from a single block. The original idea for this pipe came from my sister and her husband Rosalie and David when they gave me the book Woodcarving Magic. As I was reading through the book I knew I had to bring those ideas into my pipe making. The bowl is colored with a red dye and the ring with a black dye. Enjoy.

Blowfish Wizard

The Blowfish Wizard is a sturdy freehand pipe with a quarter bent double ball freehand stem. The  use of the orange and blue dyes leaves the bowl with just a slight greenish tint in the darker grains while leaving the forefront color an almost natural brown. It sits pleasantly in the hand. Many a pleasant evening can be spent over a chessboard with the earthy tones of tobacco smoke pouring from this pipe as one enjoys the company of a good friend. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Gandalf's Branch

It is a pleasure to present Gandalf's Branch. This freestyle (wizard) pipe features a beautiful bamboo churchwarden stem with a brass tenon and a pipe bowl in the the same family as The Trunk and the Branch. I realize in previous posts I have made digs at certain churchwarden pipes being considered for travels but of course for Gandalf I must eat my own words. Of course Gandalf must be able to safely store such a pipe as this at any time. Why else would his hat be so tall?