Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have had this Satellite pipe in production for some time now and I am very excited to have finished it. It is loosely modeled off the Cassini Spacecraft. Although I turned the two little thruster engines into one massive engine which makes a fantastic bowl, and the Magnetometer became the Churchwarden like stem. You can take a look at the image I was using to design it here. This is my first pipe to incorporate some metal pieces into it's form. I used hollow brass rod and the mouth bit itself is Briar. The entire stem can be taken off the pipe just like any other pipe. 

I have never seen a pipe of this type before, but another friend of mine is a satellite guidance software engineer and was interested to see what I could do with the idea. I must say I rather like it. 


  1. very cool, I definitely dig the multimedia approach, it has a very interesting steampunk/retrofuturism about it, maybe its the copper.

  2. Thanks Daehenob (rick).

    I think I will try a couple other ideas using the copper piping, and who knows if I get to out of control, L.E.D.S.