Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Trying Triad

I continue to read up on pipes and have noticed two major controversies. The effects of finish on the pipe and the effects of the size of the airway. It is these two hotly debated topics that the Trying Triad tobacco pipes are comparing. All three pipes are within a half inch in length with each other, with similar bowl sizes and exterior thicknesses. All three are Italian Briar with german Vulcanite stems. 

This first pipe has the airway that I normally use and a carnauba wax finish which is also my most typical finish.

The next pipe has an enlarged airway but than has a Buffed Oil finish which I have heard causes the pipe to stop breathing. 

This last pipe also has the enlarged airway but the finish is a Spray Lacquer. 

So this is by no means a scientific test but I am smoking the same tobacco out of these there pipes to see if I can detect a difference in the way they perform. I will keep you up to date on the results. 

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