Friday, March 25, 2016

A Forge and A Pan Rack

This post is not about a pipe but instead about a Forge and a Pan Rack. Our new house came with a Pan rack and shelf unit but I did not like it primarily for two reasons. The first reason was that it protruded into the passageway leading to the stairs, garage, and backyard. The second reason was that the rack was hung directly over the trash can and if the hooks were in the wrong place, as they frequently were, I would end up tearing a strip of my scalp off while attempting to open the trash can. Needless to say I was not fond of said pan rack. 

Of course I went to the internet searching for a pan rack that would suit my needs and I couldn't find anything that was quite what I wanted or for a price I was welling to pay. So in the true Feltes fashion I began to consider what it would take to make a pan rack. 

This project took a little Oak for the sides. I used quarter inch steel square rod for the hooks, although I think I should have used just 3/16" square rod instead. Then for the hanging rods I used 1 1/4" by 1/8" thick steel strapping 4' long. 

I built a Tin Can Forge and using only tools I already had hanging around I shaped the metal pieces. I played around with twists and curves to make the hooks and the end designs of the hanging rods. This is my first time playing with metal manipulation in a forge and all in all it was an enjoyable experience. 

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  1. Beautiful! And it looks like you had fun with the metal!