Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rose

I would like to dedicate The Rose to my little sister, Christine. While I had the idea to do this pipe in my head she wrote a fairy tale for my birthday about a pipe maker who has to go on a quest to rescue a maiden. He would carve pipes for the people he met to look like the flowers he saw along his way (I will look into posting the story or a link).

 This was a wonderfully fun pipe to make. I spent a lot of time hand carving and hand sanding on top of the time I spent with the flex shaft engraver my wife gave me for my birthday. I am excited to finally complete it as I have been working on it in spurts for over a month. The Rose is my first completed Churchwarden. I spent a lot of time on the stain trying to get the green to be more green and less blue and I would consider myself to have been successful.