Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wizard's Bag

The Wizard's Bag is a variation on The Whale. The primary difference is on the rim around bowl. I like both in different ways. I enjoy the distressed look of The Whale but the smooth concave surface is also satisfying. The variation of stains on different surfaces seems to be becoming a fixture to many of my pipes but I am not entirely sure I like it as much as I use it. All in all this was a fantastically fun pipe to make. I enjoyed reworking The Whale's shape. Notice also the modified ball and ring freehand pipe stem and look for more variation in the stems as time goes on. 

Hopefully I will finish my first Churchwarden pipe sometime this week. I'm also playing around with techniques for inlaying silver wire. I'll post the results soon.


  1. ooh, I really dig that curve into the bowl, and I love the variant title, referential but also descriptive of the new form.

    I think I just might have a new favorite.

  2. The essential wizard shape seems to be a very popular form but I like making each pipe a little different. I have an idea for one that will probably be known as The Wizards Tongue. Thanks for the Comment.