Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Spoon

The Spoon is another weird pipe I made to try to get a hang for sanding and finishing crevices. All in all a pleasant little 1/4 bent pipe that looks a bit like an egg on a spoon. It was a bit of a learning experience as I dropped it and broke the first stem I made and had to refit a new one. 

I am beginning to feel pretty comfortable with my technique for drilling the various holes. I am not altogether satisfied with the finishing process. Thus far I have been using a buffed on Carnauba wax, which looks great for a short period of time and then starts to look dull. On the first two pipes I made I used a acrylic based polyurethane which I sprayed on and the both still look fantastic. I have been trying to read up on the subject. Pipe maker Stephen Downie speaks of using non wax finishes but won't reveal his secrets. I just recently discovered the blog site of pipe maker Trevor Talbert, and in particular this article which I found to be very helpful. So I think I'll be trying out a couple more finishes, probably at first just on experimental pipes but if it works out then well see them on my other pipes. 

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