Monday, February 14, 2011

The Big Block

My last order of briar came with a rather large block of Plateaux briar. This briar is taken from the edge of the root bowl. When looking at this pipe, the lip around the bowl and the lip where the stem is inserted is the natural contour of the root system. All I did to shape it was to brush any of the flaking bark off of it. I then stained that area black. The rest of the body has some of the most amazing straight grain I have ever worked with. That area is stained with a brown undertone and a red top stain. 


  1. Kick butt, Eric. I'll pass on this link to some pipe smoking priests and students I know. Though I don't habit a pipe, I might have to buy one. Great story on St. John Kemble- I like the logo.

  2. Thanks for the comment Father, and thanks for spreading the word.