Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sherlock Holmes

Just as I was finishing the first two pipes I discovered that a friend of mine from the St. John Vianney Seminary was cast to play the character of Sherlock Holmes in the spring seminary production of Sherlock Holmes. When I heard that, I jumped for the chance to make a pipe for him. Sherlock Holmes is probably the best known pipe smoker in the world (although the hobbits also have their place quite near to him, probably coming in second, third, fourth, and fifth). I remember as a kid pretending to be Sherlock Holmes. I was much more concerned with wandering around with the cheap plastic bubble pipe clinched between my teeth than with becoming more intelligent, or solving mysteries or anything like that. I don't even think I had read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories at that point.

This pipe is modeled off of a meerschaum bowl in a gourd. It has been made from briar. The stem is vulcanite. This pipe was my first try at a two step stain. First I used a black stain, sanded it down a little and than put a brown stain over that. It is amazing the different colors you can get by layering the stains. The lip around the bowl I did not stain at all. The pipe has a buffed carnauba wax finish

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