Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hammer

The hammer took form when I decided to rotate the briar I was working with. Most of the briar blocks are rectangles with a corner cut off at a 45 degree angle. This results in most pipes are longer than they are tall (right now I am not including the stem in the dimensions). The hammer is the opposite, it is taller than it is long.

I did a four step stain using black, red, black and then rubbing down the excess with denatured alcohol to tone down the black.


  1. The shape of this still makes me think of the images and statues of Nefertiti.

  2. It is singularly the most ergonomic of your pipes to date, the shape really is nearly identical to the negative space of a loosely closed fist (aka pipe-smoking action grip, the more useful brother of kung-fu grip)